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A Year of Action to #changethegame4heritage

Join us for a year of action to change the game for historic places. You’ll learn about civic action, have access to a government relations experts, and you’ll be part of tangible change.

This is the beginning of an important era for heritage practitioners and advocates: an essential opportunity to engage in a focused and productive relationship with Government, in particular the office of the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, and Parks Canada, the federal government’s lead on heritage conservation.  We urge all heritage advocates, practitioners and supporters to participate and take action. A united voice and a coordinated approach are essential, as we’ve learned from the successes of the environmental movement and the arts.

1 – Getting to Know the Issues

The Essentials

Additional Context

2 – Meeting with Your MP

3 – Support from the National Trust / Invitation to Connect

You are invited to join this teleconference with a pan-Canadian working group of leaders and champions and Government Relations expert Gil Barrows to keep the conversation going on federal action for historic places. An expanding network of organizations and individuals are now on board – please feel free to share this with your networks.

The loss of Bill C-323 is not the end… It’s the beginning

The House of Commons Environment and Sustainable Development Committee’s November 28 recommendation not to proceed with Bill C-323 is deeply disappointing. However, the Committee’s report released on December 4,  Preserving Canada’s Heritage: The Foundation for Tomorrow, signals a broader federal vision for historic places and recommendations for a range of measures. (Find Minister McKenna’s response here)

Here is what the Committee said about Bill C-323:

“The Committee is supportive of the principle of Bill C-323 and believes that financial incentives, including tax credits, which encourage investment in the rehabilitation of historic properties and heritage places is necessary; however, the Committee notes the following concerns with the Bill…”

Please find the full Committee response here.

Why is the loss of Bill C-323 the beginning?  It is an important opportunity to insist on even more substantial gains for heritage than those proposed in Bill C-323.

We urge everyone with a stake in historic places to be informed, be active and be part of the movement.

Here is what individuals can do:

  1. Sign on to the National Trust’s statement of priorities for federal action here.
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Here is what organizations can do.


Making the Case for Historic Places

Whether your campaign is local or national, our tool kit can arm you with valuable facts and case studies.



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