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Minister McKenna open to increased funding for National Cost-sharing Program for Heritage Places – Jun 5, 2018

Parks Canada CEO Underscores Federal Leadership in Canada’s Built Heritage – Jun 5, 2018

Parks Canada’s CEO was asked about the state of conservation. He responded: “…we’re responsible for some of the most iconic cultural heritage sites in the country and the monies in recent budgets has allowed us to do a several billions worth of work to protect that.” He also noted that Parks Canada is engaging with provinces and territories and that he would be attending the Yellowknife FPT meeting. MP Aldag commented favourably on that, and also that he has heard from P&Ts that they want the Minister of the Environment, responsible for Canada’s built heritage, at those meetings as well.

#changethegame4heritage: What Now?

What’s happening on Parliament Hill will affect historic places in your community.

One month ago, the Federal Government released a budget with no financial measures to encourage investment in historic places, and no word on the future of the National Cost-Sharing Program for Heritage Places.  On March 21, Bill C323 was killed in the House of Commons – terminating a Conservative-led proposal for heritage rehabilitation tax incentives that saw widespread support from organizations, municipalities, property owners and Heritage advocates.

What Now?

  • Help build the case: We need your local examples of places in need (or already lost) due to lack of investment. These ARE ESSENTIAL to prove that doing nothing will have negative consequences for the economy, the environment and quality of life.  Email us or tweet @nationaltrustca with every example you can find!
  • Make noise over social media: Share your places at risk using our sample tweets in our toolkit for action.
  • Support the Coalition: Offer your expertise.  Make a donation toward research and advocacy expenses. Join our bi-weekly calls – just 30 minutes max every other week to hear what’s happening, and learn how you can help:  The next call is Tuesday April 3 at 2pm ET

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