The Heritage Reset Project


How is heritage conservation serving as a positive, essential, progressive force for reconciliation, climate action, affordable housing, social justice and more?

The Heritage Reset project is working to accelerate key conversations within the sector about our values and the purpose of our work. The Reset is a strategic project for the field of heritage conservation in Canada – for organizations and individuals, including heritage professionals, volunteers, and those whose work promotes the use and re-use of existing buildings and the conservation of significant sites and landscapes.

While heritage conservation has extraordinary potential for positive impact, we know it has also played a role in creating and perpetuating some of the problems that exist today. It is clear that change is needed to assure the effectiveness and relevancy of the field.  Further, there are many barriers both inside the sector, and in the perceptions and attitudes of a broader public.  The Reset project aims to address these barriers and to reflect a more inclusive and diverse movement.

As we continue to survey, convene and connect with individuals, organizations and community groups across the country, we will be updating this page with our progress. Stay tuned!


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