At the National Trust for Canada, we know Canada’s collective story is told through our special places, whether they are historic lighthouses or schools, places of faith, industrial complexes, or cultural landscapes. We know that historic places are cornerstones of memory and identity in Canada’s rural and urban landscapes. But, we also know that these beloved community places are at risk.

Every day communities are losing their historic places due to desertion, decay, and demolition. Demolishing historic buildings cuts the heart and soul out of our communities. It also sends building material to landfill – to the tune of 10 million tons each year! In a 30-year period, Canadians lost more than 20% of their pre-1920 historic places. Many more are threatened by neglect, weak legislation, development pressures, and lack of funding.

Working together with donors, like you, we can stem this tide.

Together, we can raise awareness for places at risk, direct much needed funding to communities renewing historic places, and offer support and tools to the passionate volunteers, community organizations, and the next generation of heritage leaders.

What’s more, the National Trust’s endowment provides operational stability and makes the National Trust a sound investment for funders and donors; it means that 100% of your donation is directed to tools, resources, and funding that help communities save and renew places that matter.

You can help save historic places.