The Advocacy Tool Kit

Making the Case for Historic Places

Whether your campaign is local or national, our tool kit can arm you with valuable facts and case studies.

The Economic Case for Investing in Historic Places

There is clear evidence to link heritage investment to economic growth and job creation.

Rehabilitation generates upwards of 21% more jobs, including skilled jobs, than the same investment in new construction. Heritage rehabilitation also incurs less “leakage” out of the Canadian economy for foreign goods.



Historic Places and Climate Change

Building renewal and re-use capitalizes on materials and energy already invested, reduces construction and demolition waste, and avoids environmental impact associated with new development.

A recent study shows that it takes from 10 to 80 years for a new “green” building to make up for the negative climate change impacts of its construction.



Case Studies

Learn from the people, places, and communities that are saving places that matter, improving economic vitality, and making landmarks not of landfill.


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