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The annual National Trust Conference is Canada’s largest heritage learning and networking event. Held every year since 1974, the National Trust Conference brings together a wide-range of people working to keep Canada’s heritage alive: from grassroots activists and elected officials, to professionals, planners, policy makers, and property owners. Conference themes have tackled pressing issues for Canada’s heritage movement, including community revitalization, heritage tourism, sustainable development, and climate change.


National Trust Conference 2021

(In association with Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals)

Heritage and the Global Reset: Seizing the Moment

September 28 – October 1, 2021 (Virtual)

Conference Session Schedule At-A-Glance

Conference Website. Click here

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Be Part of the Heritage Reset – Raise your voice in “reset” working sessions as we reinvigorate the Canadian heritage vision, and get inspired by reboot efforts underway in the United States and Australia. Review the Heritage Reset Framework here. And the bilingual version here

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