The state of historic places in Canada is being discussed in the House of Commons. The time to make your opinions known is now!

On December 1, 2016, a Private Member’s Bill to create tax credits for historic places was tabled in the House of Commons.  Bill C-323 – An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (Rehabilitation of Historic Property) – is based on a great US success story with a 40- year track record.  This Bill presents an historic opportunity to tell elected officials from every political party that Canada’s historic places matter, and that federal actions can help save and renew them.

The Office of the Minister of Finance has stated that the Government will oppose Bill C-323.

If the Government will not support Bill C-323 as drafted, will it consider amendments? If not, how and when will the Liberal Government move forward with its promise to examine financial incentives for historic places?

The Liberal Party of Canada expressed their willingness to consider financial incentives for historic places in their October 2015 pre-election message to the heritage sector.  Responding to written questions from the National Trust for Canada, Liberal Party president Anna Gainey wrote:

“A Liberal government will work in collaboration with the heritage sector and other stakeholders to examine measures that promote the preservation and rehabilitation of Canada’s heritage buildings.  We are open to measures that use the tax system that stimulate private investments in heritage buildings.”

The next few weeks are critical ones for the heritage sector.  In late November, the Environment Committee is expected to report back to Parliament on Bill C-323 and also wrap up its recommendations on the milestone study, The Heritage Preservation and Protection in Canada.

This is a time for every heritage leader and organization to be engaged and informed. We strongly believe that our individual and collective responses must be loud, strategic and coordinated.

What you can do

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