Town of Perth


2004 Prince of Wales Prize

For the fifth consecutive year, the Foundation has awarded The Prince of Wales Prize to a deserving local government that has demonstrated exemplary commitment to the preservation of its built heritage. Recognized for its picturesque beauty, Perth, Ontario has devoted the last thirty years to preserving and enhancing its built and natural heritage assets. Settled in the early 1800s, at the time of the construction of the Rideau Canal, Perth was the first planned community in what became Ontario and its fine stock of historic stone buildings, which include 19th-century mills and factories, Victorian shop fronts and grand homes complementing tree-lined boulevards, reflect this rich history. Perth was also the first community to participate in the Heritage Canada Foundation’s Main Street program and is home to Algonquin College’s Heritage Institute – the only one of its kind in Canada. Established 15 years ago, the college’s heritage masonry and carpentry programs have strengthened the Town’s position as a continuing centre for demonstrating conservation skills. Some of the projects undertaken by the students include the restoration of an 1850 timber-frame agricultural hall in Almonte, Ontario, and the restoration of the stone wall at the Inge-Va House, a provincial heritage site, in Perth.

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