Prince of Wales Prize

The Prince of Wales Prize recognizes communities and their local governments for the successful heritage stewardship of a town, city, Indigenous community, rural region, or district.

Special consideration will be given to places with a long track record and demonstrated results in bringing heritage to life through a combination of political will, good policy-making and effective citizen engagement.

Submissions should elaborate upon the community’s approach to:

  • Heritage conservation.
  • Keeping heritage relevant today through activating heritage areas and finding new uses for heritage assets.
  • Sensitively integrating new construction into historic areas, reflecting continuity and context over time.
  • The economic, environmental sustainability, social and quality of life benefits resulting from the community’s investment and commitment to the conservation of its heritage assets should be emphasized.

Eligibility Criteria

Any community and its local government, including Indigenous governments, may be nominated for The Prince of Wales Prize. Self-nominations are welcomed.

Award and Presentation

The recipient will be recognized at a reception during the National Trust Conference. The presentation of the Prize may be made by HRH the Prince of Wales when possible or, when not, by another member of the Royal Family – in the event of a Royal Visit – or such other representatives acceptable to the Prince of Wales, such as the Governor General, a Lieutenant Governor, an appropriate Minister of the Crown, or a designated representative from the Prince’s Trust Canada.

People and organizations associated with the winner will be invited to participate in the Winners Circle Session at the National Trust Conference, where they will have the chance to showcase the measures, tools, and outcomes that attracted the attention of the Prince of Wales jury to conference delegates.

The award is presented to the mayor, head of an association, band chief, councilor, or other designated representative and consists of a framed certificate as well as a flag with the Prince of Wales Prize logo to be flown outside the recipient’s headquarters and/or placed on permanent display. The Prince of Wales Prize logo must be displayed on the homepage of the recipient’s website.

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