The Academy

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

2019 Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award (Transformative Projects)

When the Annapolis Royal Regional Academy, a beloved 1939 Beaux-Arts school building, was threatened with demolition in 2013, a group of residents from the town of Annapolis Royal took on a challenge: to find an appropriate new use of one of the town’s visual anchors. After much searching, in 2015 they attracted condo developer Tim Tanner, who purchased the property with the commitment to repurpose the building’s gym and library for the community.

After a long process of fundraising and remodeling, the historic structure now houses 39 condominiums units, a gym, a bouldering wall and climbing club, and a state-of-the-art library. This heartening example of collaboration between a developer and community is another tangible demonstration of how a historic building facing demolition can be successfully be regenerated into a multi-use community hub while preserving the town’s heritage.

Owners: Annapolis County Condo Corporation #6
Developer: Jacob Tanner Development Inc. (Tim Tanner and David Daniels)
Additional Key Players: Annapolis Royal Regional Academy; Town of Annapolis Royal (Mike Tompkins, Former Mayor; Greg Barr, Former CAO; and Bill MacDonald, Mayor)

The Academy project was nominated by Heather McCormick, Project Manager, Annapolis Royal Regional Academy.

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