cSPACE King Edward

Calgary, AB

2018 Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award (Transformative Projects)

Built in 1912, the former King Edward School was closed in 2001 by the Calgary Board of Education. Left vacant and derelict for over a decade, cSPACE purchased the site in 2012. Through its projects, cSPACE provides the conditions that diverse communities of creative entrepreneurs need to remain vital, sustainable, and innovative while generating broader public value for Calgarians.

With support from the Calgary Foundation, Calgary Arts Development Authority, and Nyhoff Artchitects, cSPACE completed its flagship project in 2017, transforming the vacant building into a LEED Gold community hub for the cultural and creative sector. The rehabilitation of this historic sandstone school included the construction of a new, contemporary addition to restore the architectural symmetry of the original floorplan and provide a purpose-built theatre and meeting space. The conservation of the building exterior included the preservation of its masonry and historic windows, the rehabilitation of its historic cupolas, and the installation of a new roof.

The project scope integrated new infrastructure and features to support the building’s new uses: a new elevator, service entrance, and stairwell has enhanced accessibility and functionality, while future festivals and public art installations can now be fully accommodated in a new public park, children’s play area, and outdoor courtyard whose design incorporates salvaged school materials and historical references.

Today, cSPACE King Edward is a vibrant and unique cultural tourism asset. As a publicly accessible facility, the project showcases a diverse community of non-profits, post-secondary institutions, cultural entrepreneurs and artists delivering innovative programs and cultural experiences for Calgarians.

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