Gabarus Lightkeepers Society

Gabarus, NS

2018 Governors' Award

In 2015, Cape Breton’s historic Gabarus Lighthouse – a beloved local landmark – was in real danger of falling into the ocean. The rapidly eroding shoreline meant that less than 10 feet separated the structure from a 30-foot cliff. Already tilting precariously, the lighthouse was pulled back from the brink in November 2015, after the Gabarus Lighthouse Keepers Society – a dedicated group of volunteers – won $50,000 in the National Trust for Canada’s THIS LIGHTHOUSE MATTERS crowdfunding competition. Today, visitors can picnic and walk the grounds, enjoying a view of the lighthouse and the beautiful coastal scenery.

About Gabarus Lighthouse
Gabarus Lighthouse was built in 1890 and is a focal point of its small remote community located on the southeast shore of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.

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