The Rock Garden

1185 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario

2017 Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award (Adaptive Reuse/Rehabilitation)

The Rock Garden is the Royal Botanical Garden’s signature garden. Janet Rosenburg & Studio was commissioned for the project to increase the garden’s public visibility, presence and functionality by expanding the garden, restoring and introducing new features, and adding a new Visitor Centre.

The adaptive reuse project carefully considered rehabilitation of this heritage-designated landscape and revitalized an underused space while meeting contemporary functions and respecting and enhancing the heritage character. New functional requirements of the Rock Garden included the respectful integration of a new pavilion into the landscape and of new accessibility features. The overall project success lies in its revitalizing an underused space in a manner that meets contemporary functions and permitting new revenue generation streams, while respecting and enhancing the heritage character of the landscape.

Owner: Royal Botanical Gardens
Architects: Janet Rosenburg & Studio

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