The Bombardier Centre for Aerospace and Aviation (Plant #1, 65 Carl Hall Road)

Toronto, Ontario

2021 Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award (Transformative Projects)

Photo: Doublespace Photography

This reuse project sensitively integrates old and new structures and re-uses original materials in meaningful ways – providing a continuity in the site’s historic narrative. Once the centre of aviation manufacturing and design in Canada and now Centennial College’s new campus, the revitalization of this site has created opportunities to support the next generation of innovators in Canadian aviation, and serves as a model for other educational institutions seeking to house their programs.

Recognized for its considerable contribution to Canadian aviation during the World Wars, Plant #1 sits on a 500-acre site that, from 1947 to 1996, was protected from surrounding city developments, making it a unique entity within urban Toronto. Now known as the Bombardier Centre for Aerospace and Aviation, the new campus features labs and learning spaces for aviation engineering and mechanics. From quiet study rooms to social seating and ping-pong tables, the public spaces were designed with optimal views into the primary Hangar, labs and teaching spaces, aiming to connect students with each other, the Aerospace program, and the essence of the building.

Key Players:
• Centennial College (Owners)
• MJMA + Stantec (Architect)
• ERA Architects Inc. (Heritage Architects)

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