Burrard Bridge Rehabilitation and Restoration Project

Vancouver, British Columbia

2020 Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award (Transformative Projects)

Photo Credit: MKPhoto

While historic engineering works are often neglected, this project demonstrates that community support and enlightened municipal officials can meet modern safety standards while preserving an important landmark and historic element of Vancouver’s transportation infrastructure.

Owned by the City of Vancouver, this 1932 Art Deco steel truss bridge connects the downtown peninsula to the south and west reaches of the city.

The project involved the preservation and refurbishment of heritage elements including the decorative lighting fixtures, and the addition of new compatible elements, such as guard rails and ramps to support safe and efficient travel for cyclists and pedestrians.

“An inspiring project that conserved an important historic element of Vancouver’s transportation infrastructure.”
-Jury comments

Key Players: Iredale Architecture (James Emery, Denis Gautier); Donald Luxton & Associates (Donald Luxton, Megan Faulkner, and R.J. McCulloch); Associated Engineering (Shane Cook); City of Vancouver (David Currie, Dane Doleman); and Graham Infrastructure (Greg Cowie).

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