City of Calgary


2010 Prince of Wales Prize - Honourable Mention

Since the mid-1960s, the City of Calgary has worked continuously to improve the preservation of its important historic resources. Calgary has been a leader in developing and implementing a wide range of policies, programs and regulations and has provided funding to support their conservation. In keeping with the City’s plans, Calgary invested $9.3 million in the early 1990s in the restoration of the historic City Hall. Over the following twenty years, Calgary invested over $50 million in its historic resources which saw the complete restoration of the Reader Rock Garden, the Simmons Factory Warehouse, Bridgeland Community Garden, and Central Memorial Park; rehabilitation of Holy Angels School and the Public Building; stabilization of the King Edward Hotel, Hillier Block and St. Louis Hotel and other major maintenance and repair projects. The number and type of legally protected historic resources is continually increasing. Its longstanding commitment to protecting and celebrating the history of the City is what makes Calgary an exemplary municipality. The City has been continuously and energetically expanding its protection of heritage and is a leader in stewardship of historical resources. Calgary’s built heritage has been made part of the public conscience and based on the history of the City; the support for heritage preservation will persist as Calgary continues to grow. The City of Calgary was honoured in St. John’s in October 2010.

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