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One of Herb’s most valued acknowledgments rests in the work and action of the many people he brought to the field of conservation through his work as an educator or as a guiding mentor or friend. – Dinu Bumbaru, C.M, Past President, ICOMOS Canada; Member of the Executive Committee and Former Secretary General, ICOMOS

Herb Stovel (1948-2012) left a huge legacy in the field of heritage conservation, both nationally and internationally. He was active in many aspects of the field, as an educator, professionally, and in service to numerous organizations and boards working to grow the work of conservation around the world.

It was in this vein that the Herb Stovel Scholarship and Bursary Fund, growing with generous gifts by the community to acknowledge and celebrate Herb’s work, was started, and supported by his family. Now administered by the National Trust for Canada, this Fund annually provides critical support to a new generation of professionals and students in heritage conservation.

The Scholarship provides two types of bursaries:

  1. Project Research Bursaries up to $2,500 for candidates who propose special projects, results-oriented travel, and participation at conferences, and events that continue Herb’s passion for community innovation and/or international dialogue in built heritage conservation theory and practice. Applications that are focused only on general tuition expenses will not be considered.
  2. National Trust Conference Bursaries cover the cost of travel, conference accommodation, and registration (approximate value $1,000) for candidates to attend the National Trust’s Annual Conference. In the case of a virtual conference, the bursary will cover the general conference registration fee.

Please note:

  • Project research bursaries will not cover activities or expenses directly related to the applicant’s employment.
  • Project research bursaries will not cover activities or expenses already incurred.

Eligibility Criteria

The Herb Stovel Scholarship is open to Canadians between the ages of 20 and 35 who are either:

  • Students pursuing post-secondary or graduate studies in built heritage conservation; or
  • Emerging professionals working in the field of built heritage conservation.

*The heritage field, for the purpose of the Scholarship, is defined as heritage conservation, museum studies, heritage planning, and cultural heritage.

Application Process

Applications for National Trust Conference bursaries must include:

  1. A statement of interest expressing what you hope to gain from attending the conference;
  2. A Curriculum Vitae demonstrating your studies or work in heritage, including contact information for at least one reference who is aware of your studies or work in heritage;
  3. Proof of student status (if applicable); and
  4. Proof of Canadian citizenship.

Learn more about the 2024 National Trust Conference

Applications for Project Research Bursaries must include:

  1. A written proposal (max. 1,000 words) with estimated project and/or travel costs and your proposed dates of study/conference attendance;
  2. A brief Curriculum Vitae demonstrating your studies or work in heritage, with references;
  3. Proof of student status (if applicable); and
  4. Proof of Canadian citizenship.

Project Research Bursary applicants may also opt to be considered for a National Trust Conference bursary during the application process.

For more information, please read the Application Guidelines and the General Rules and Regulations.



Herb Stovel Scholarship Advisory Committee

The Herb Stovel Scholarship Advisory Committee is a volunteer panel that includes experts with a sincere interest in the Program and in Herb Stovel’s legacy, and members of the Stovel-Oliver family.

The Scholarship

National Trust Conference Bursaries: National Trust Conference Bursaries will include conference registration, up to three nights’ accommodation at the conference hotel, and return travel to and from the conference from the recipient’s place of residence or study within Canada. The National Trust will make all hotel and travel bookings and pre-pay them on behalf of the recipient. Recipients will be responsible for incidental expenses including taxis, additional hotel expenses, and any meals not provided as part of the conference.

Project Research Bursaries: Project Research Bursary amounts will be determined based on the applicant’s estimates and the availability of funds, to a maximum of $2,500. Recipients will be required to provide proof of acceptance into the educational program for which funding was approved, or completion of the proposed project, as well as other relevant documentation identified.

Project Research Bursaries will be disbursed as follows:

  • 50% of the total bursary upon the receipt of the recipient’s proof of acceptance; and
  • 50% of the total bursary upon the receipt of the recipient’s proof of completion.
    In both cases, the National Trust and the recipient will mutually agree on what constitutes an acceptable form of proof.

Scholarship Presentation

All Herb Stovel Scholars are invited to attend a special recognition event at the National Trust’s Annual Conference, generally held in the fall each year, and may be featured in National Trust publications.

Recipients will be required to submit a short final report (approx. 700 words) detailing their experience at the conference or their project research outcomes following the completion of their scholarship.

About Herb Stovel

Over a period of decades, Herb Stovel generously passed on his insight and knowledge, which have helped define the theory and practice of heritage conservation for the 21st century in Canada and internationally.

In Canada, he taught as professor at Université de Montréal and at Carleton University. Early in his career, he developed courses for the National Trust’s Main Street® program, which prepared over 100 professionals in communities across the country for careers in downtown revitalization. His training of federal employees reached across disciplines and departments, most notably perhaps with the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office (FHBRO) course. Herb believed in empowering others and giving them the means to spread the word as broadly as possible. He developed train-the-trainer courses to put this knowledge into the hands of those best placed to deliver it. Then he moved on.

It is no exaggeration that Herb Stovel had students and followers in every corner of the globe. He believed in people and brought them together in the name of heritage conservation, leaving behind conflicts of war and politics, and allowing them to work together towards a common goal.

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Herb Stovel

All who knew Herb Stovel understood his commitment to heritage conservation and, more importantly, his strong support for education and preparing a new generation of professionals.

Herb’s commitment to education lives on through the Herb Stovel Scholarship.  

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