Culinary Adventures across Passport Places

Looking for an activity to escape the winter chill? Try something new while expanding your culinary knowledge at these four historic places, part of the National Trust’s Passport Places Program.  From historically accurate cooking classes to an evening of decadent dining, each event is sure to make the winter months both educational and deliciously memorable.

Historic Stewart Farm, Surrey, BC – Heritage Kitchen: Winter Warmers

Photo: Historic Stewart Farm

Learn about recipes that kept the Victorians warm through the winter. On February 3rd, make your own delicious treat on a wood stove at Stewart Farm. This event is for ages 19+ and registration is required. If you can’t make it to the farm, check out the heritage recipes on their website – from apple rhubarb loaves to butter tarts, there’s a Victorian culinary challenge for all ages.

Kings Landing, Prince William, NB – Dine Around Freddy

Photo: Dine Around Freddy, Fredericton Capital Region Tourism

Escape the winter blues with a winter food festival in Fredericton. The King’s Head Inn at Kings Landing is participating in the city-wide festival, Dine Around Freddy, with a three-course 19th-century menu presented by local villagers. With choices like Mrs. Long’s Turkey Pie and a hearty vegetable chilli, you’re sure to stay warm and enjoy the atmosphere at this English-style pub. Registrations are required.

Dundurn Castle, Hamilton, ON – Soupreme! Cooking Workshop

Tackle the 19th century soup in Dundurn Castle’s historic kitchen. On February 4th, Dundurn Castle is hosting the Soupreme! Cooking Workshop where you will learn how to create vegan and vegetarian-friendly-Victorian-era soups. The event is available for ages 14+ and pre-registration is required: 

Morrin Centre, Québec, QC – Culinary Mosaic: A Delicious History

Photo: La Touche Héloïse

The Morrin Centre’s Culinary Mosaic series offers a variety of French and English workshops from January through February. Learn about the history of English and French-Canadian food traditions, while sharpening your culinary skills. Dishes prepared range from chicken fricassee to cabbage cigar rolls.

All the above historic places are part of the Trust’s Passport Places program, a National Trust membership benefit that provides free access to 100 historic places in Canada, as well as 1000+ National Trust places abroad. Become a member today!