Plan to Meet with an elected official about Bill C-23



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  • Thank them for their time. Confirm how much time you have them.  Identify yourself or your organization.
  • Summarize why you are there:
    • The submission’s Preamble and Why Statutory Protection is needed are good intro statements.
    • Core message: For decades, Canada has been the only G7 country without legislation to protect federal heritage places. Bill C-23 is a great step forward.  Our recommended amendments are needed to address gaps in the Bill, so that Canada can finally close that gap and join other G7 nations that protect their national heritage.
  • Draw attention to the 9 Recommendations: Choose one or more of the recommendations to focus on – We suggest Recommendation 1, which potentially represents the most substantial amendment, adding places in the hands of Crown Corporations to the list of places the Bill would protect, as well as archaeology on federal lands under water.  
  • Make it Real: Instructions for finding examples of Federal Heritage Property in the Federal Electoral District of the Official you are meeting:  
    • The Directory of Federal Real Property ( is a great source for finding federal places that will be (or should be!) protected by Bill C-23. Allow yourself some time to explore it – it is a bit slow and the search function takes some trial and error – but it is possible to search as follows:
      • Choose a Federal Electoral District – to narrow in on places that will be of interest to the MP you are meeting with or writing to.
      • Add Building Attribute to your search query to narrow in on places that have a Heritage Designation Type. Choose both Recognized and Classified – but note that only Classified places would be protected by the Bill.
      • To find properties that will not be covered by the Bill because they belong to Crown Corporations (the subject of our Recommendation 1: Add “Organization Type” to your search query and choose Crown Corporations.  The National Capital Commission is the only crown corporation whose properties are currently included.   We know that many of the other Crowns listed hold significant heritage properties and should fall under the provisions of the Bill so that any proposed changes to them are given appropriate scrutiny. 
  • Ask if you can count on their support to ensure Bill C-23 is adopted, with the amendments the sector is looking for. Ask if they have questions or need more information.
  • Use this opportunity to raise awareness for heritage places more broadly. Draw attention to the other measures needed from the Federal Government, which are outlined in the Conclusion to the submission.  The goal is that heritage resilience, diversity and inclusion, identity and sense of place, community wellbeing, social cohesion, economic vitality and more! places across the country can play their part in climate action, cultural vitality and community sustainability.  We know that heritage places can support climate
  • Say thanks!



TEMPLATE REQUEST TO MEET AN ELECTED OFFICIAL (email addresses are provided at:


Hello ___,

[I live in your riding] and I am contacting you with a request to meet regarding Bill C-23 (An Act respecting places, persons and events of national historic significance or national interest, archaeological resources and cultural and natural heritage) which is expected to be referred to the Environment Committee.

The heritage sector has provided a written submission to the Minister, yourself and other officials (as of January 23).

Could we arrange a time to talk any time after that date, either in person or virtually?

Best regards,


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