Meet Georges Coulombe, National Trust Member

George Coulombe has been a member of the National Trust since 2016. Originally from Saguenay, he resides in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, and is the President and Founder of Gestion Georges Coulombe, a property management firm founded in 1982 that is dedicated to refurbishing heritage buildings, including some of the most ambitious projects in the Montreal metropolitan area. In addition to specializing in property management, the firm uses its expertise to design spaces that meet the highest industry standards.

Why I am a member of the National Trust: I am a member of the National Trust because we have common interests, including the preservation of our built heritage.

I care about historic places because: Being aware of the forces that drive heritage and the inclusion of new values that now focus on economic profitability, continued use of buildings and engagement, we are rehabilitating and restoring many abandoned and deteriorating buildings stone by stone, mainly located in Old Montreal. These places remind us of the important events that took place there and how they shaped our history.

A historic place that matters to me is: For me, Old Montreal is the place that matters most: it is where I work, and the area is brimming with major rehabilitation projects.

The place that every Canadian should see at least once in their life is: A place that every Canadian should see at least once in their life is, without a doubt, Old Quebec.

If I were a historic place, my architecture style would be: I don’t have a preference in terms of style; as long as it is linked to a historic event or place. “Every building has a story to tell and feelings to revive.”

My idea of “heritage” is: The places and events that have had an impact on our ancestors and our youth, that’s our heritage.

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Georges Coulombe received an Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Award in 2018, for the rehabilitation of 360 Saint-Jacques (Montreal). Left to right: Richard Moorhouse, former Chair, National Trust; Georges Coulombe; Karl Biermann, Regional Vice President, Eastern Region, Ecclesiastical Insurance; and Paulette Thériault, Vice-Chair, National Trust.

This questionnaire is the National Trust’s take on the Proust Questionnaire, made famous by writer Marcel Proust.