Victoria High School

Photo : Victoria Times Colonist

Seismic upgrades threaten the oldest high school in Victoria.

Why it matters:

Built of noble materials in the Classical Revival style, Victoria High School (1914) is the oldest high school in Victoria and a beloved institution that has played a profound role in the community.

Why it’s endangered:

Victoria High has received the highest level of seismic risk rating from the BC Ministry of Education’s Seismic Mitigation Program, which unfortunately skews decision-making towards new construction. The School Board has been holding public meetings as it looks at three options: demolition and new school ($50-60 million), seismic upgrades ($60-70 million), or façade retention and new interior ($100-110 million). In the lead-up to a Board vote on the options in June, heritage groups and a large cross-section of community members have expressed alarm that demolition is being contemplated for a historic place of such unquestionable civic importance.

Location: Victoria, BC

Top 10 Endangered Places List: 2018

Status: Endangered

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