Town of Annapolis Royal

Nova Scotia

2006 Prince of Wales Prize

The Heritage Canada Awards Jury found that the Town of Annapolis Royal has performed exemplary work in the stewardship of its built heritage over many decades, but especially in recent years. Given its relatively small population of 600 residents, Annapolis Royal benefits from a very high number of volunteers working diligently to protect and interpret the abundance of historic places in the community. In the words of the jury, “Heritage is the essence of Annapolis Royal.” The town has more than 135 designated heritage buildings. In recent years, the Town developed a partnership with the Annapolis Historical Society in creating a series of eleven street panels interpreting the town’s waterfront heritage. Heritage is also an essential aspect of the local economy. More than 100,000 visitors are attracted to the town each year, most of whom come to seek its historic ambience. The jury unanimously recommends that the Town of Annapolis Royal for The Prince of Wales Prize. The Town of Annapolis Royal was nominated by the Annapolis Heritage Society.

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