Colony of Avalon

Colony of Avalon

Real History in Real Time

With every scrape of an archaeologist’s trowel, stirring of a pot, or planting of a seed, we’re coming a little bit closer to understanding the history of the Colony and the lives of the people who lived here.

Established in 1621 by Sir George Calvert (the First Lord Baltimore), the Colony of Avalon is widely recognized as the best preserved early English colonial site in North America. Today, on-going work at the Colony is changing the way we understand that past.

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1 The Pool
Ferryland, NL

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Partner Organization: Colony of Avalon

“The Colony of Avalon at Ferryland, NL, is one of the oldest British colonial settlements in North America. It is also the first place that I directed an excavation, during my Masters degree in archaeology. Being able to work and be connected to the history of a place that is turning 400 years old this August 4th, 2021, is truly amazing and I feel so lucky to be one of the archaeologists who has contributed to our understanding of this amazing National Historic Site.”

– Robyn Lacy, St. John’s, NL

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