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Board of Governors Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the Board of Governors? Governors are expected to promote the National Trust’s interests and mission, ensure its financial stability, and develop and approve organizational policies and plans. Governors may also be called upon to help engage leaders in the community, attract funding from various sources, and contribute their knowledge and networks to further the National Trust’s initiatives.

How long is the term of office? The term of office for a governor is three years, with a maximum of two terms for a possible total of six years.

How often does the board meet? The board usually meets three times a year. The winter meeting is usually in December or February. The early summer meeting is usually in May or June. The fall meeting is held in conjunction with the National Trust’s annual conference, in September or October.

What are the arrangements for travel, accommodation and expenses? Travel and hotels are paid for by the National Trust for Canada.  Meals and incidental expenses are reimbursed.

What is the potential time commitment? Governors must be prepared to dedicate up to two days for each board meeting. Between meetings, Governors participate in committee teleconferences, provide feedback or attend meetings related to National Trust for Canada initiatives.

What is the election process? Nominations Committee members interview any and all potential candidates, including sitting Governors who are eligible to serve a second term.  Based on recommendations from the Nominations Committee, the Board of Governors adds to the slate for election at the AGM candidates whom it considers best meet the needs of the organization.

Anyone not so proposed by the Nominations Committee and Board of Governors may choose to stand for election in accordance with the by-laws. If so they are provided with a form they can use to collect the expression of support of at least 20 members in good standing in their province or territory.

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