Next Great Save FAQs


I can’t seem to vote, can you enter a vote in for me?

Unfortunately, we can not cast your vote for you.


Do you have to be a Canadian citizen to vote for your favourite project?

You do not have to be Canadian to vote for the Next Great Save! Anyone from around the world with an email address can vote.


Will the groups know I voted for them?

All votes are anonymous.


I cast a vote today, but did not get an email so that I could confirm my vote.

Make sure that you are entering the correct email address, including the correct domain (ie:,, Please check your junk/spam folder for the confirmation email. You will need to click the link in your confirmation email to place a vote in the Next Great Save competition.


I have Yahoo or Sympatico email, and I can’t see my confirmation email.

We are aware that there is currently an issue with some Yahoo and Sympatico email addresses receiving confirmation emails. Our web development team is working on solving this.


My confirmation emails keep ending up in my junk/spam folder.

Inbox settings are different for everyone. Check your junk/spam folders for the confirmation email, and mark the email as “not junk”. Emails from The National Trust for Canada should soon go straight to your Inbox.


How were the competing groups chosen?

Applications were opened in October 2022 for not-for-profit heritage organizations to compete in The Next Great Save. Groups were asked to complete an application including site history, rehabilitation plans, photos and social media accounts to be reviewed by a secret jury. Applications closed on December 16 2022. Ten projects were chosen based on the strength of their submissions and their ability to compete in a national contest. Full Eligibility Criteria is here.


How many projects are going to win the prize?

Ten heritage places are vying for your vote to win $50,000 to help their community save a heritage place that matters.  The competing groups have plans to adapt, retrofit, renew, or improve a heritage place in a way that extends its useful life, and meets community needs. One team with the most votes will win $50,000 for their project.




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