St. John's Stone Church

Saint John, NB

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Save our Tower, Save our Church, Save our Community Involvement, Save our History!

Sauver notre tour, Sauver notre église, Sauver notre participation communautaire, Sauver notre Histoire!

Why vote for us?

Soon to celebrate its 200th anniversary, St. John’s (Stone) Church buzzes with activity! Every day we are able to serve members of the community through our inclusive activities, services, and one on one care. Voting for us promotes the community, helps preserve an important piece of Canadian history, and benefits a diverse and needy neighbourhood.

Bientôt célébrant 200 ans, St. John’s (Stone) Church est un lieu très actif. Tous les jours nous servons notre communauté en offrant des programmes, des services et des soutiens aux individus. Si vous votez pour nous, vous aidez notre communauté, vous préservez une partie importante de notre histoire Canadienne, et vous soutenez un quartier aux grands besoins.

Community impact

The historical value of Stone Church is self-evident. One look inside brings wonder to those who daily depend on its role in the community for free laundry, drop-ins, cooking and English classes, programs for seniors, space to showcase the arts, youth services and much more. However, everyone must first enter through the front door at the base of the impressive tower. The $50,000 prize to stabilize the tower ensures that this iconic community building can be entered for years to come. Repairing instead of rebuilding also saves some 130,000 kg in carbon. This is equivalent to 5,105 trash bags recycled or 2000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Stone church a une grande valeur – dans un sens historique mais aussi dans son action communautaire. Tous les jours nous offrons des services importantes. Tout le monde qui entre dans l’église entre par la porte à la base de la tour. Obtenir le prix de $50 000 pour stabiliser notre tour assure que nous pouvions ouvrir nos portes pour des d’années à venir.

About this place

St. John’s (Stone) church is the oldest church building in Saint John. Built in 1824 it will soon celebrate its 200th anniversary. One of the best examples in Canada of the Romantic Gothic Revival Style, its architecture is part of our national heritage. The church was built because there was nowhere for poor members of the community to worship. The modernized interior now free from pews, still allows Stone church to serve a diverse, marginalized community. Whether homeless, newcomer or tourist, all stand in awe of classic stained glass augmented by intricate woodwork and furnishings.

St. John’s (Stone) Church est la plus vieille église à Saint Jean. Construite en 1824 elle va bientôt fêter ces 200 ans! L’un des meilleurs examples du style d’architecture nèo-gothique romantique, Stone Church fait partie de notre patrimoine nationale. L’église a toujours eu une relation importante avez les pauvres et les gens en marge de la société. C’est bien beau de pouvoir donner accès à notre lieu d’heritage aux membres de la communauté qui d’habitude ne voient pas ce genre de site tous les jours.

Ecclesiastical Insurance is deeply committed to protecting the needs of organizations that enrich the lives of others; to preserving Canada’s distinct communities, cultures and history; and to supporting initiatives that help improve the lives of people in need. The National Trust for Canada has a long-standing relationship with Ecclesiastical Insurance – our most faithful sponsor – and we are excited to work with them to help fund the Next Great Save!


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