Top 10 Endangered Places List Nominations FAQs

Why does the National Trust create the annual Top 10 Endangered Places List?
By creating the annual Top 10 Endangered Places List, we bring national attention to endangered places and a welcome shot in the arm to groups fighting to save them. 

Why should I nominate a site for inclusion in the Top 10 Endangered Places List?
The media attention that results from inclusion in the List has proven to help save endangered places.

How can I nominate a site for inclusion in the Top 10 Endangered Places List?
Its easy! Fill out the online nomination form here.

How are endangered places selected for inclusion in the List?
Nominations are reviewed by National Trust staff and chosen in consultation with subject matter experts across the country.

What sort of places are eligible to be included in the Top 10 Endangered Places List? 
The types of historic places we have in Canada and the types of threats they face vary. We want the Top 10 Endangered Places List to represent this broad range. Endangered places don’t have to be designated heritage sites, nor do they have to have been built before a certain year. We are looking for places that tell a story: landmarks that mean a lot to communities. 

Does the endangered place I am nominating have to be a designated heritage property?  

If the site I nominated doesn’t get chosen for this year’s list, will it be considered for inclusion in future years?
Yes. We keep a record of nominations for future years. We care about these places, too, so we don’t forget about them if they don’t make the Top 10 List. If you have new information on a place that was previously submitted, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

I don’t own any pictures of the site I’m nominating and therefore can’t provide one along with my completed nomination form. What happens to my nomination then?
While it’s helpful you provide us with an original, high resolution image of the site you’re nominating, we will still consider those that arrive without images.

What is the National Trust and what does it do?
The National Trust for Canada is a registered charity that makes a difference for places that matter to Canadians. Since 2016, our crowdfunding-and competition platform THIS PLACE MATTERS has delivered $1.4 million dollars to 89 worthy projects at historic places. In the past year, over 3000 people accessed regeneration strategies and expertise through free webinars and donor-funded coaching grants, and over 1000 people attended our National Trust Conference in Ottawa. Since 1997, the National Trust has administered the Young Canada Works program, distributing funds from the Department of Canadian Heritage that create hundreds of jobs for young people at heritage organizations nationwide.

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