Nov 21, 2017 – Low Point lighthouse getting some love

NEW VICTORIA, N.S. — The Low Point Lighthouse Society is thrilled that work is now underway on a full resurfacing of the historic Low Point Lighthouse overlooking Sydney harbour.
The Lighthouse was the $75,000 Grand Prize winner in the 2015 “This Lighthouse Matters” crowd funding competition organized by the National Trust for Canada and the Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society.
The Lighthouse is currently in the process of being resurfaced. Lawrence MacSween, the Vice – President of the Low Point Lighthouse Society said at this point, the resurfacing is crucial to keep the structure standing.
“Really now the damage we’re looking at is exponential. It’s just getting worse – It’s the freeze – thaw. Water gets in the cracks, freezes and breaks the concrete. It’s far worse than we thought. It wasn’t this bad last year. Every year it (the damage) doubles,” said MacSween.
At the moment, contractors are working on the structure before the winter months do any more permanent damage on the lighthouse.

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