Harding House


Designated under the provincial Heritage Property Act in 1980, Harding House is one of five Collegiate Gothic-style heritage buildings located on a 20-acre tract of prime urban land formerly owned by the Anglican Archdiocese of Qu’Appelle. It sits apart from the four building enclave on the site. All are of red brick, built between 1912 and 1926 and, with one exception, are all leased.

The site is currently owned by the Saskatchewan government and has been for sale for more than two years at an estimated price of $3 million. A major U.S. provider of senior citizens care facilities is negotiating a plan for the development of the entire property. To date, the plan does not appear to include the retention of Harding House.

As of late December, the Department of Culture, Youth and Recreation was studying the developer’s proposal for the property. No decision has yet been made.

According to the Historic Places Initiative Register “…the consistency of appearance makes the complex one of the finest groupings of educational/ecclesiastical buildings in the province. Complementing the dignified nature of the buildings is the site plan.”

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan

Top 10 Endangered Places List: 2005

Status: Saved

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