Locale – Fall 2017


The fall 2017 issue of Locale explores the notion of “home” in various contexts. In Ottawa, our home on native land, Ottawa-based writer James Careless features five Ottawa-Gatineau sites with tangible evidence of Indigenous presence, as well as a brief, yet hard-hitting history of the large part of Ottawa-Gatineau and the Ottawa River watershed that was never legally handed over to white colonists. Passionate about barns, writers Kristin Catherwood and Meghann Jack share the daunting challenges facing these rapidly disappearing rural landmarks in Canada’s Historic Barns: Buildings at risk, building with value. Finally, this issue includes Canada’s Top 10 Endangered Places List for 2017, featuring historic sites at risk of disappearing due to neglect, lack of funds, inappropriate development, and weak legislation. These places are special to many and in some cases, are an important piece of home.

In this issue:

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