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Support recommended amendments to strengthen Bill C-23 – federal heritage places legislation.

You are invited to join sector colleagues in signing this submission to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and other key elected officials, outlining recommendations to strengthen Bill C-23 –  An Act respecting places, persons and events of national historic significance or national interest, archaeological resources, and cultural and natural heritage. It is very important to show the federal government that the heritage sector is active and interested in federal leadership for historic places.

The Bill is at Second Reading in the House of Commons, with the first round of debate completed on Dec 2, and set to resume after the House reconvenes Jan. 30.

A working group has prepared this submission, which is now being circulated for signature until January 22, 2023. Please do not publicly post or circulate this submission at this time.

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Together we can ensure that the sector’s recommended improvements to the Bill get traction!





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