The National Trust’s Agora is a Listserv where Canadians involved in saving places that matter – volunteers, community leaders, professionals, policymakers, and craftspeople – gather to share issues, questions, and solutions for historic places. Access success stories, resources, and advice from colleagues who’ve faced similar projects and challenges. This free platform is as relevant for individuals involved in heritage conservation as it is for those working to improve the vitality of historic sites or traditional downtowns.



How does it work?
A Listserv allows a large group of users with a common interest to communicate with each other via email. When an email message is sent to the Agora Listserv, and after approval is granted by a moderator, the message is then distributed to other subscribers by the Listserv program.

Is Agora free to use?
Yes! Part of the National Trust’s mission is to foster knowledge-sharing and conversations within Canada’s heritage sector. We are happy to provide this service at no cost to you.

How do I send a message to be distributed through Agora to other subscribers?
Once subscribed to Agora, you can send a message to other subscribers by addressing your message to If you would like Agora subscribers to know who you are and where you work, include your name and contact information in your message.

How should I title my messages?
Be clear and concise. A short, yet descriptive email subject line is ideal.

Can I write my messages in a language of my choice?
Yes! Messages sent to Agora subscribers appear in the language in which they were written. However, the user portal is only offered in English. Should you require support navigating the portal in French, please give us a call at 1-866-964-1066. One of our bilingual staff members will gladly help you.

Can I add attachments or links?
Yes! A National Trust staff member monitors Agora messages for appropriateness for the list. Agora then takes your full message and sends it to other subscribers. You can include links to media sources and other websites related to the content of your message. Only PDFs and JPEGs as attachments are accepted.

Is there a particular format I should use for my emails to Agora?
Yes! Make sure that your emails are sent in plain text. (Your email server may automatically be doing this for you.)

Can I access past Agora discussions?
Yes! Past Agora discussions are archived and can be accessed through the subscription page. Discussions prior to May 2018 can be accessed here.

Can I send jobs postings or announcements to Agora subscribers?
Agora is meant to be a discussion forum and not a bulletin board. Agora administrators will not approve jobs postings or general announcements.

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