Places at Risk


Over the last 30 years, automation and electronic navigation have reduced many lighthouses to relics of the past, and in 2010, the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans declared almost all of its Canadian lighthouses — nearly 500 of them — “surplus” to their needs, shifting the responsibility for their care and upkeep onto Canadian communities.

Despite the creation of the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act, the risk for Canada’s lighthouses remains urgent.



Places of Faith

Thousands of places of faith in Canada are at risk due to changing demographics and values, and the high cost of maintaining such large complex structures.  But they matter to their communities and have incredible potential for vibrant new uses.



Traditional Schools

Canada’s older schools are important anchors that help define and sustain our neighbourhoods. Threatened by school closures and the sale of facilities, there is a tremendous need to focus on converting these historic structures to new uses and keeping older neighbourhoods vibrant.


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