Huron County Museum

The Huron County Museum is located in the original old Central School, erected in 1856. The original Museum collection was brought together by Mr. Joseph Herbert Neill (1884-1969) as a result of a lifetime of collecting. In 1948, he sold all of his 1,000 objects to the County of Huron for an average price of one dollar per object and with two conditions. First, that the County establish a public museum and second, that he be made the Curator for as long as he wished to hold the position.

The doors of the Huron County Museum opened July 4, 1951 The Huron Historic Gaol is a unique and imposing octagonal building which served as the County Jail from its opening in 1841 until 1972 when all inmates were transferred to regional facilities. The Governor’s house was built on the south-east side of the Gaol in 1901.


110 North Street
Goderich, ON  N7A 2T8

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